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Route of the Mysteries

The images popularly known as Mysteries can be visited on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday in different houses and businesses around the town. The Route of the Mysteries offers a kind of inverse pilgrimage, where the people are the ones who move while the figures remain in one place. It is an interesting tour for anyone with a passion for monuments, art, and religion. These are monuments to be admired for the sculptural work that forms part of our cultural and historical heritage.


The route begins in the Plaça de Fèlix Figueras i Aragay (in front of the Town Hall). Prior registration is required. Please call: 653 80 72 31.


Route of the Mysteries

Judas’ Kiss, Carrer de Colon, 149 (hospital chapel)

Mercy, Carrer Clota, 30 (Oil Mill)

The Ecce Homo, Carrer de l’Església, 32 (Ca l’Escossi)

The Road to Calvary, Carrer Ample, 39 (Cal Pel·la)
The Flagellation of Christ, Carrer Creu Real, 18 (Cal Puigjaner)
The Prayer in the Garden, Carrer Santa Oliva, 34 (Convent of Paules)
The Holy Christ, Plaça Nova, 21 (Santa Maria church)
Our Lady of Sorrows (La Dolorosa), Plaça Nova, 21 (Santa Maria church)
The Holy Sepulcher, Carrer Forn 2 (Ca la Planxadora)
Mary’s Solitude at the Foot of Calvary, Carrer de les Argelines, 24
The Holy Christ of Agony, Carrer de la Indústria, no number (Sant Salvador church)

  • La mare de deu dels dolors 8
  • El bes de judes 1
  • La pietat 2

    + 9

  • L ecce homo 3
  • El cami del calvari 4
  • La flagel lacio de jesus 5
  • L oracio de l hort 6
  • El sant crist 7
  • El sant sepulcre 9
  • La soledat de maria al peu del calvari 10
  • El sant crist de l agonia 11
  • Route of the Mysteries. Photo: Ester Sampietro

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Olesa de Montserrat is a municipality rich in culture and tradition, located in the foothills of the mountain of Montserrat. Olesa de Montserrat is located in the north of the comarca (county) of Baix Llobregat, in the subcomarca of Montserratí, halfway between Barcelona and the Montserrat Monastery. The natural area of the municipality, with its beautiful and magnificent scenery, is bounded by the Llobregat river and the mountain chains of Sant Salvador de les Espases and Puigventós. Olesa’s roots are markedly agricultural; it is noted in particular for its cultivation of olives of the palomar or Olesan variety, native to the region, from which the famous Olesan oil is extracted.





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