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Marganell Mató

The home of the best mató (whey cheese) today is Marganell. According to records, the people of this town were the first to come to the market in Montserrat to sell this extremely popular product.


Mató has been and continues to be a very well-known product in central Catalonia. There is written evidence of mató in Montserrat as early as the late 19th century, although its consumption dates much further back. It was sold by peasant women in the little market of Montserrat when the people of the local towns began making whey cheese with the surplus milk they had left over. That whey cheese eventually became the popular mató that we know today.


Mató is a type of fresh cheese with less fat than most. It is made by hand, boiling the milk until it curdles.


It can be prepared using sheep’s, goat’s or cow’s milk, and can be eaten throughout the year. The most traditional way to eat it is with honey or sugar.


First, the milk is boiled in a pasteurizer and, once boiled, it is placed in a stainless steel bucket to cool and curdle.


When this process is complete, the mató is separated from the whey (the liquid left over from the curdling process, which is not used). It is then placed inside some large molds covered in cheesecloth so that it reaches a suitable temperature and the remaining whey is drained. The mató is then placed in various molds of different sizes also with cheesecloth and left to cool in the fridge until it is ready to eat.


Mató has a smooth, slightly gelatinous texture, with a fresh and moist flavor. 


Every year, the Fira de la Coca i el Mató (Coca and Mató Fair) is held in Monistrol in the months of October and November. The stalls with handmade mató, cheeses, honey and coca pastries are always there. There is also a coca competition and discussions about mató.


This product can be purchased in:


Agrobotiga, Caseta de Fusta

Address: Carretera BV-1123

08298 – Marganell 

Phone: 625 26 19 44




Mel de Montserrat - Masía Magí del Gras

08298 – Marganell 

Phone: 93 835 71 56 / 608 508 639

www.meldemontserrat.com (under construction)


Cal Pujolet

Carretera de Marganell BV-1123 - Km. 5.2.

08298 – Marganell 

Phone: 93 835 70 67



Can Florí

Sant Esteve, 38

08298 – Marganell 

Phone: 93 835 71 50 / 93 835 70 68

Cell: 626 41 28 20



Masía Can Fermí

Carretera de Marganell BV-1123 - Km. 5,2.

08298 – Marganell

Phone: 93 835 74 88 / 608 448 988 (Fermí) / 93 835 74 96 / 608 944 555 (Rodolfo)




Cal Santamaria

08298 - Marganell

Phone: 93 455 31 82

  • Montserrat Mató - Can Florí


Olesa de Montserrat is a municipality rich in culture and tradition, located in the foothills of the mountain of Montserrat. Olesa de Montserrat is located in the north of the comarca (county) of Baix Llobregat, in the subcomarca of Montserratí, halfway between Barcelona and the Montserrat Monastery. The natural area of the municipality, with its beautiful and magnificent scenery, is bounded by the Llobregat river and the mountain chains of Sant Salvador de les Espases and Puigventós. Olesa’s roots are markedly agricultural; it is noted in particular for its cultivation of olives of the palomar or Olesan variety, native to the region, from which the famous Olesan oil is extracted.





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