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From La Puda de Montserrat to Sant Salvador de les Espases

With the La Puda de Montserrat Spa as our reference point, we begin the uphill climb to the hermitage. We will pass over an old railway tunnel, after which the path descends to the L’Afrau ravine, which we will follow for much of the route with views of Sant Salvador de les Espases below. We will cross the ravine until we reach the foot of the Agulles del Petintó rock formations.


From this point, the path becomes gradually steeper and more challenging until the end of the route. After passing the pointed rocks of the Agulles (“Needles”), we come to the intersection of two ravines: the Sant Salvador and the L’Afrau. We continue the ascent and pass beside the Sant Salvador fountain. We continue westward over rather eroded terrain until we reach a small flat stretch of the rocky foothills where the hermitage stands. We will take a breath to begin a very steep climb up to the end of the route.


Shortly before reaching the hermitage, we find the Sant Salvador Cave, fenced off and with a figure of the Virgin of Montserrat inside. Two minutes later, we reach the thousand-year-old hermitage.


From History to Heritage:

The Agulles del Petintó are also known as Les Espases (“The Swords”) because of their geological shape.


The Sant Salvador fountain is a rain water fountain that only flows when it rains.


La Puda de Montserrat Spa was known for its unique sulfur and thermal waters. Although it belongs to the municipality of Esparreguera, it has been closely associated with Olesa and the former Hotel Gori (now the Town Hall). The spa ceased operating in 1958, when it was converted into a restaurant. The restaurant closed due to the heavy rains of September 20, 1971, when the Llobregat river rose by 13-15 meters and destroyed part of the building.


(Route created by Joan Soler Gironès - Hiking Guide for Olesa de Montserrat and environs)

  • Path to Sant Salvador. Photo: Pere Grimau
  • Lower Agulles del Petintó. Photo: Joan Soler Gironès
  • Panoramic view of the Puda de Montserrat. Photo: Joan Soler Gironès


Olesa de Montserrat is a municipality rich in culture and tradition, located in the foothills of the mountain of Montserrat. Olesa de Montserrat is located in the north of the comarca (county) of Baix Llobregat, in the subcomarca of Montserratí, halfway between Barcelona and the Montserrat Monastery. The natural area of the municipality, with its beautiful and magnificent scenery, is bounded by the Llobregat river and the mountain chains of Sant Salvador de les Espases and Puigventós. Olesa’s roots are markedly agricultural; it is noted in particular for its cultivation of olives of the palomar or Olesan variety, native to the region, from which the famous Olesan oil is extracted.





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