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The Route of the Rural Fountains

We begin this hike at the Plaça de Fèlix Figueras i Aragay. First, we can take a drink of water at the Can Solé fountain and gather our strength for the uphill climb through the Les Planes residential area toward the Salvador Boada Sports Center and the Beca Cross.


We will continue along the forest trail on the left until we reach a path that turns north and leads downhill to the first rural fountain on the route, the Frare Pau fountain, set in the middle of a rugged landscape. After visiting the fountain, we will continue westward until we reach a fork in the road, where we will take the path on the right, which leads us progressively further uphill. Along the way there are various crossroads. At the first two, we will follow the path to to left, while at the third we will head right, and a little later, at another detour, we will take the track on the left, which will lead us to the second fountain: Sant Valentí. Another drink of water, and then we will continue the route to the Boter vineyard, where we will find the Gavatxó fountain, the only one with no water.


Little by little, the path leads into the shade of the north-facing slopes of the Els Mestres, turns sharply to the northeast and descends amid dense vegetation. Now in the dark forest, we come to another crossroads: we have to turn to the right to take an uphill climb toward the Coll de les Espases. A little stop at this resting point is a must to take in the magnificent views. Continuing eastward, we come to the El Fideuer plain, where, on the left-hand side, we can see a reservoir that is filled by the fountain flowing from Cendrós Hill. When we reach the crossroads, we take the first path on the right, which leads to the Puigventós farmhouse. This path leads to the La Pastora fountain and, further on, the El Mateu fountain.


Now on the Puigventós plain, a track to the left leads to a reservoir that was once of great use to the farmhouse in this location. We continue downhill along the forest trail southward in the direction of the Gavatx Forest, along the track closed by a chain to prevent vehicles from entering. Right after taking our first steps, on the first curve to the right is the path to the rediscovered Gronya fountain. Continuing on our way, we reach the junction with the route that runs from the town center to the El Fideuer plain, where the Roureda fountain is located.


We now walk the last few yards of the route downhill along a path that leads to the Els Rabassaires fountain (which is private property). And following the track down, we approach the end of the road: the Beca Cross, the Les Planes residential area, and the Plaça de Fèlix Figueras i Aragay.


(Route created by Joan Soler Gironès)

  • Can Solé fountain.
  • Sant Valentí fountain. Photo: CMRO
  • Coll de les espases gm

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  • Font de la pastora foto de joan soelr tret de la guia excursionista
  • Font del mateu fotos de joan soler tret del llibre aigua i patrimini itienraris poetics 1
  • Bassa de puigventos foto de cmro
  • La Roureda fountain. Photo: Joan Soler Gironès
  • Font dels rabassaires tret de la guia excursionista gfotos de joan soler

Route Characteristics


14.2 km

Average Duration
4 hours


Olesa de Montserrat is a municipality rich in culture and tradition, located in the foothills of the mountain of Montserrat. Olesa de Montserrat is located in the north of the comarca (county) of Baix Llobregat, in the subcomarca of Montserratí, halfway between Barcelona and the Montserrat Monastery. The natural area of the municipality, with its beautiful and magnificent scenery, is bounded by the Llobregat river and the mountain chains of Sant Salvador de les Espases and Puigventós. Olesa’s roots are markedly agricultural; it is noted in particular for its cultivation of olives of the palomar or Olesan variety, native to the region, from which the famous Olesan oil is extracted.





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